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Cockroaches are filthy creatures that you should never have to deal with. Even in small numbers, they are extremely disgusting. These unsanitary nuisances must be eliminated from your home or business as soon as possible.


Correct identification is important to control these particular species. These insects feed on a variety

of materials and live in a variety of different conditions. Chris for all of your pest control needs

for rodents, insects, wasps, and more.

• Trained by world-wide pest management    


• Member of Illinois Pest Control Association

• National Pest Management Association

• Decades of experience

• Affordable estimates

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Don't become a victim

Different species of cockroaches are common in all dwellings, feed on a variety of materials,

and live in a variety of conditions. Schedule an inspection today.

Feel comfortable asking Owner Chris Brennan any questions. He will immediately address your concerns with helpful advice, honest answers, and ideal recommendations.

Here to help in every way

Call today and tell Chris about your pest control needs. Chris will come to your

rescue immediately.



Owner Chris is licensed, insured, and certified. Hire me for your personal protection and safety.

Since 1981, Chris has proudly served Oak Park and its surrounding areas.

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